All Motor Parts - Choosing insurance

Maintenance of car is very essential to make a lifelong running with car. Car maintenance service is required for testing and inspecting car engine, systems, wheels etc. If any part of the car is deemed faulty, it requires replacing of that car part. Regular car maintenance ensures safety, reliability, comfort zone, drivability and longevity of car.

Service and maintenance of car also depends on model of car and driving conditions too. It is advisable that one should have car maintenance at least twice in a month. We offer you the easiest way to find deals on your car parts and accessories to keep it running the longest.

At we offer you the collection of all car parts and accessories that you need. Here you will find all information that you need in order to ensure that your car is running and your broken parts get replaced with the correct genuine spares. We also have multiple articles for you to read to help you choose the right products for you.

All Motor Parts - Choosing insurance

Choosing a car insurance policy in UK is simple and easy. There are three basic coverage policies that you can choose from.

  • Third Party Only
  • Third party, Fire and Theft
  • Fully Comprehensive

Knowing the policy well before choosing yours is surely beneficial. Let us start with the cheapest policy that almost everyone does give a thought on, which is the third part insurance. In third part only insurance, the policy owners who have met an accident can pay for the damages to the other person involved. But here, the owner’s car is not covered. The damages to your car are not covered by the policy and you will have to manage the expenses yourself.

With a marginal difference, being slightly more expensive is the third part with fire and theft will cover more than the previous policy. It will cover the expenses if your car is stolen, or if catches fire etc.

The fully comprehensive car insurance policy covers almost all circumstances and is one of the most recommended policies that one can opt for. It not only pays for the other party’s damage but also reimburses the cost of your car’s repair. Though expensive than the other two policies, this is always favorable as you are never sure about what is kept in store for you at the next curve of the road. Besides the basic policy you can also add on additional covers as per your need like legal, medical, driving abroad etc.

If you are looking for a cheap car insurance policy in UK, you have to buy your car thoughtfully. A fancy car that is expensive is always at a risk of being stolen. Besides the damages could be costly o the insurance company. So a, expensive car’s owner should be prepared for a heavy premium car insurance. While a garaged vehicle never at a risk of being stolen. If you are caught speeding, the chances of being informed and notified is high, which increases or raises your premium.

Always remember, every company has their own set of rules and terms. Always study in detail before taking a policy for your car’s insurance.